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If you are experiencing a hardship due to COVID-19 - unemployed, lost benefits, reduced income, Dr. Yash is here to help. Click our COVID-19 link at the top of the page to learn more about our special limited membership tailored just for you.

Internal Medicine at Unifying Health Center

Unifying Health Center's Dr. Yash Pathak is Board Certified Internal Medicine, seeing ages 18 and older. We offer a thorough physical and diagnostic evaluation to serve our patients with accurate and personalized treatment, plus a wellness plan, which includes MLS Laser Therapy. We are a Hybrid-Direct Primary Care model (H-DPC), offering cash-based membership and insurance covered Internal Medicine and wellness platforms. If you have insurance or no coverage, Unifying Health Center in Sugar Land will see you. As of 2020, Unifying Health Center is taking Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), as well as UnitedHealthcare, CIGNA and AETNA. If you need to find a physician in Sugar Land, contact Dr. Pathak at Unifying Health Center...he welcomes you to our clinic! If you prefer to stay at home, we offer Telemedicine with Dr. Yash for $75 - each call is 10 minutes and you must be in Texas. Call 713-893-6222 to find out more about Telemedicine with Dr. Yash.

Insurance plans accepted at Unifying Health Center

Starting in 2020, Unifying Health Center in Sugar Land will be accepting CIGNA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield - BCBSTX - (including Blue Advantage HMO, Blue Essentials & Blue Choice PPO) and UnitedHealthcare. Also, if you are a veteran with benefits, our clinic will be accepting TriCare (the health coverage for veterans) in February 2020. Call Unifying Health Center for more details.

MLS Laser & Wellness at Unifying Health Center

Combining Western and Eastern philosophies and treatments, Unifying Health Center in Sugar Land offers MLS Laser Therapy for pain and inflammation, electromagnetic therapy, yoga/meditation techniques, nutrition and supplements. Also, our center offers Ayurveda consultation at a discounted price. Some wellness components are covered by health insurance, other treatments are cash-based only. There are many options since we are a Hybrid-Direct Primary Care Model (H-DPC). One of the most popular treatments is MLS Laser Therapy for pain and inflammation. Laser therapy promotes faster recovery from sports-related activity, healing from injury or relief from arthritis-related pain and inflammation.

MLS Laser Therapy for Pain & Inflammation

Unifying Health Center in Sugar Land treats pain and inflammation from degenerative conditions or injuries, particularly sports injuries and back pain, hip pain, knee pain and foot pain with MLS Laser Therapy. If you are looking for a doctor to treat join pain or muscle soreness, Unifying Health Center in Sugar Land is the leader to ease pain and inflammation with MLS Laser Therapy. Our Class 4 Infrared Laser provides a non-invasive treatment method - no needles, no drugs and only takes about 15 minutes. Call 713-893-6222 to book your appointment now at Unifying Health Center.

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