HEALTH ALERT – Coronavirus and preparations in Texas

Sugar Land, Texas – January 29, 2020 — So far there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Texas. Some screening areas are being set up in the state, including the Houston area , in preparation for a possible pandemic. Globally, more than 6,000 cases have been documented of the severe flu-like virus that can develop into pneumonia. More than 130 people throughout 17 countries have died from the disease.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport is screening travelers as a precaution, due to the large number of international flights at that airport. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed 15 airports as sites to screen passengers for the coronavirus.

“Some of the best prevention is not to take part in international travel plans for a while,” says Yash D. Pathak, MD of Unifying Health Center., adding “containing any virus early helps, but with the coronavirus detected in several countries, people need to be mindful of thoroughly washing their hands, especially if you have touched luggage from an overseas flight and being screened if they have traveled and mindful of who they have been in contact with, in case they – or others – feel ill.”

A virus, such as the cornonavirus, can spread rapidly in highly-concentrated areas where people gather, such as airports, markets, malls, stadiums or confined areas with large groups of people such as airplanes.

The coronavirus, known to officials as 2019-nCoV, has never been seen by health officials and scientists until recently.

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